KK Junior



KK Junior is a brand new concept in learning and adventure for children aged 1 year -3.5 + years. The primary focus of KK Junior is to lay the very foundations that help children become confident learners. Hence our educational ethos not only centers around facilitating learning and development, but recognising that every child is unique in their special way and therefore requires a programme to fulfill his essential needs and interest. We are privileged to be able to do so in order to further enhance each child’s unique and individual skill set.

Our Vision

To impart high quality care and education to the community of Pakistan.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to being the leading provider of quality education such that we strive to provide each child immense opportunities to be able to reach their goals, ambitions and their full potential. This mission is complemented by developing the very abilities of each child in a safe, challenging, supportive and child oriented environment that would lay the very foundations for a child to play a responsible role as an adult in the future.

Our Guided Principles

Sincerity, Fairness and Honesty

We are sincere, honest and fair in our claims and illustration about our educational standards and processes.

Care, Love and Concern

We show care, love and concern for our children by identifying their varying needs and cater to these in the most effective way for further enhancement and development.

Communication and Interaction

We believe in an open forum for interaction, discussion and communication between all parents, staff and students to be able to exchange useful information at all times.

Satisfaction and Commitment

We have a strong intent and commitment to rise to the expectations of all our parents in ensuring that the learning of their child is maximised in a holistic environment.




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