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At Kidz Klub, every room is designed to entertain and keep children busy and happy. They can enjoy many exciting games and activies such as a Climbing Wall and a Toddler Ball Pit. The soft flooring ensures that each fall is fun! Children can also enjoy games such as Dodge-the-Ball and Dancing Statues with the teachers and staff. The Jungle-Gym is a wonderful area where children can play in the ball pit, slide down into a rainbow of colorful balls, enjoy walking over a bride or going through a tunnel. The Jungle Gym offers endless hours of fun and entertainment for our members (and their parents!).

The toddler room is a baby’s delight! Each piece has been chosen with care to engage and stimulate a child’s senses. Hanging mobiles enchant young children while a baby’s climbing frame encourages young steps forward. Puzzles, toys and games abound keeping children alert and engaged. In addition to indoor activities, Kidz Klub also offers Bouncy Castle, Chalkboard Wall and other outdoor activities to help burnout excess energy of even our most active members. And for the parents, Wi-Fi is available for those who choose to stay back at Kidz Klub while their children play.


The activity table offers activities such as hand painting to puzzles to worksheets and more. The table is a place where children can learn and take home materials that they have created. Also available are a wide variety of books, flash cards, puzzles and games.

The Owl Room is a media room where a projector turns movie time magical. The Owl Room is also used for afternoon activities such as dance, art, pottery and more. These extra activities are held daily for attending members of Kidz Klub. Multi-sports and Tae-kwon-do are also offered. The Dining Room offers meals for hungry tummies and is also a room to connect and bond with friends over board games. There's a dedicated dining room where the children’s meals are served.


Kidz Klub is designed to be completely child-safe and child-friendly. Kidz Klub prides itself on its security (constant CCTV monitoring), its cleanliness and hygiene, and the fact that the staff interact with each member on a personal level. The toys, equipment and interior has been custom designed and/or imported specifically for Kidz Klub. Great care has been taken to ensure that all toys and equipment are of the highest caliber and have passed all international quality specifications. In addition, a dedicated baby bathroom with nappy changing facilities is also offered.


The staff at Kidz Klub has been chosen with care to meet the needs of all our young members. They play, take care of the children, assist them during meal times and engage their attention in the most positive way.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES Kidz Klub offers birthday party packages for our members and strive to make each party well planned, enjoyable and a hassle-free event for our members and their parents. A dedicated party planner, along with her team, makes each party perfect and special for each individual child's requests and tastes.

Birthday Party Sign Up: Sign up for our Birthday Klub to receive birthday presents and discounts from KidzKlub Fun. (Must sign up 8 weeks before birthdate to guarantee you'll receive your goodies!)


Kidz Klub offers:

What's New? Our entire concept is new and exciting. We are offering a new level of recreation and care for children that is not available in Karachi. State of the art toys and games with personalized care and old-fashioned values to form a combination that gives the best to each child.

What to Expect: A friendly, down-to-earth team dedicated to entertaining the children in a productive, educational and fun manner. A reliable day care and recreation center where parents can get the time they need to do errands while their kids are safe and having fun.