How are opportunities for ‘play ‘beneficial as a medium for learning here at KK Junior?


The importance of play and interactive learning cannot be emphasised enough. Well planned play, both indoors and out, is a key to enjoyment and challenge. Through play, in a secure environment with effective adult support, children can…….

• Explore, develop and represent learning experiences
• Practices and build up ideas, concepts and skills
• Learn how to control impulses and the need for social rules
• Talk and rehearse their feelings
• Take risks and make mistakes
• Communicate with each other as they investigate or solve problems
• Express fears or relieve anxious experiences in controlled and safe situations

Hence, our outdoor and indoor physical activity rooms such as the jungle gym, ball pools, sand and water play, basketball hoops, football pitches, climbing wall, bouncy castles to name a few are specifically designed to indulge children in active fun and learning.

How are children encouraged to become active learners in KK Junior?

KK Junior provides opportunities for children to engage in, and become involved with activities which they can initiate or plan themselves i.e.

• Specially planned and prepared home corners for children to engage in imaginative, explorable and interactive play, both indoors and out
• Areas with activities which provide continued and progressive learning
• Giving children a wide choice and variety of resources ,materials and activities
• Relevant and appropriate activities, materials and content of lesson that matches the different levels of young children’s needs.
• Provision for the different starting points from which children develop their learning, building on what they can already do

How is integrated learning facilitated in KK Junior?

Although there are 6 areas of learning outlined, these areas overlap and provide many learning opportunities i.e

• While a child is baking cookies or setting  a table in the home corner, opportunities for language,maths ( measuring,counting,dividing,pouring quantities etc) are benefited
• When a group of children are floating and sinking small objects in a bowl of water, their language, social and early science skills are developed
• While constructing with blocks, mathematical and creative and motor control are developed


How can learning be interactive in KK Junior?

Positive interaction between adults and peers, material, resources and activities which encourage interaction between peers and the activity itself, are all ways to encourage interactive learning. The KK Junior team vision to provide the best high quality care and education for the community of Karachi. Our primary consideration in the preparation of this programme is to ensure that your child’s first step into “formal education” is a pleasant and satisfying experience.

We have interactive white boards in each classroom to facilitate independent learning.

In order to facilitate our programme to the best possible advantage, and adhering to codes of best practice we have smaller groups of children with the main teacher, with the addition of either a teacher’s assistant or an experienced helper.

During activities and planning, we organise 2/3 groups of children, grouped according to ability, i.e., extension group, support group and core group.

Lessons are taught on a ‘whole class’ basis at various times of the day i.e., carpet time (story time, discussions, teachers demonstrations, assemblies, music and movement, sports and drama.


An excellent, wide range of up to date, innovated learning materials and resources are made available to each child.

KK Junior has a resource room and library in each room as well as a central room used for library purposes, assemblies, music, drama, theatre and art.

Student Outcomes

Student outcomes are assessed at the end of each lesson/day and recorded as a benchmark for the next learning step here at KK Junior.