A: Moms and Tots Programme

B: Preschool Programme

C: Day care


Moms & Tots

This has been specifically designed for parents and their babies who are in the 6 to 12 month age group.  Both mom and baby will benefit by attending the workshop.  The workshop includes:

• Guided play and exploration with age appropriate toys
• Investigate construction materials and small world equipment
• Use a range of objects and tools safely and appropriately
• Observe changes in the environment, weather and living creatures

The programme has been created to enhance sensory-motor learning, essential to a young baby’s development.  By stimulating the senses and challenging physical abilities, babies are encouraged to perceive, understand and act on the world around them.  Through this programme, babies establish a sense of self and learn how to relate to others, which affects their physical, mental and social competence throughout life. In the programme babies not only gain physical skills, but also the ability to interpret and organise what they see, hear and feel.  We also concentrate on developing the two “hidden senses” the muscle and joint sense, and the sense of balance.

Parents become more intimately aware of their baby’s needs and growth process and thus develop closer bonding. 

Parents learn how to:

• meet their baby’s needs,
• encourage development with fun and exploration
• incorporate the games, songs and play activities into their own home routines.
• Besides offering the opportunity to spend quality time with baby, parents will also enjoy the support and sharing network created in this caring environment. The Moms and Tots Workshop will help parents face the special challenges of these early years, stimulate their child to reach his or her full potential, and at the same time share in the wonder of their magical growth.

The workshops encompass the following major activities:

• Guided play and exploration with age appropriate toys.
• Easy-to-do exercises for mom and Tot to encourage the development of motor milestones.
• Stimulation of the senses.• Guided play and exploration with age appropriate toys.
• Listening and moving to music, rhymes and songs.
• Activities to develop eye movements, focus and eye hand co-ordination.
• “Feely” experiences to educate the sense of touch, helping small hands become more skilled.
• Baby massage.
• Exciting movement experiences using novel play equipment.
• Support groups- Talks by child specialist –open forum for discussions.
• Advice and assistance with problems or difficulties that you may be experiencing.
• Stimulation of the senses.

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KK Junior Preschool -Early Year’s Independent Toddler Programme- 1-2 years

The first three years of a child’s life are the most formative. During this period, children absorb innumerable impressions from their surroundings as their inner development takes place. Very young children are happiest when their living environment is familiar and constant. They thrive on routine, external order, encouragement and respect for their individuality.

Our Toddler programme and environment is a natural extension of the home, a harmonious, community that allows each child to feel safe and secure and therefore reach his/her full potential. It provides a nurturing experience designed to foster independence, physical and cognitive development, language and creativity. The programme focuses on the individual child’s needs and progress.

Our Toddler programme provides excellent care, attention and focus on the child, allowing him/her to feel happy, safe and confident within the nursery environment, thus encouraging him/her to grow towards full potential.

KK Junior Preschool-Early Years Preschool Programme -2-3 years

For children between the ages of 2-3/3+ years, the classroom environment is carefully prepared to encourage children to learn individually, at his/her own pace. A child has extraordinary powers of mind. He/She possesses a once in a life time ability to absorb information from the environment like a sponge. We have prepared a dynamic learning environment with a wealth of concrete, manipulative learning materials that encourage children to discover and learn throughout this limited stage of his/her life.

For the objectives within each area, we develop lesson and topic plans, long term and medium term goals as well as weekly and daily plans and timetables.

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Day care for school going children

We provide a day care service for our infants, preschoolers and school going children from 9 am up to 6 pm. We provide full time and part time day care services suitable for all working parents. Children can be dropped off directly from school to our Klub. Whilst in day care, children are provided a full lunch, followed by activities which include art and craft, free play and movie time. Children finish their day by participating in a  homework Klub session which focuses on covering all core subjects such as Maths, English, Urdu and General studies.

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